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German one-on-one immersion course

  • A one-on-one course is the best way of making considerable progress within the shortest time and of concentrating on specific business situations. Furthermore the one-on-one course is the only possibility of developing an individual learning strategy in order to reach the best result for you and your company.
  • Our institute is a small cultural German immersion language school in the Meersburg’s vineyards and combines one-on-one German immersion courses with high quality services.
  • Furthermore our trainers are partners who will react to the needs, the personality and the rhythm of participants working in the fields of business, politics and culture.
  • Our courses are tailor-made: we work out a course strategy for you and with you. At the same time we concentrate on the skills you wish to improve (speak with colleagues or clients, understand better, improve your grammar, vocabulary etc.), so that you can interact successfully with colleagues, clients or business partners.
  • We work with our own material that we have continuously developed according to our clients‘ needs. You are very welcome to bring business documents you would like to work on.  

Highlight of the day and inspiration: an interesting excursion before dinner

After an intensive course day we show you the beautiful Lake Constance region. By visiting Salem castle or the baroque church Birnau you get new impressions of Germany’s culture, people and also cuisine. You then get a totally new Inspiration and Motivation for your learning process and realize that the German language is not only words put together, but an understanding of the German culture, and of course  a glass regional wine or a German beer belongs to it!

Please use the form “Needs Analysis” in order to inform us about your wishes as to your German one-on-one immersion course (please save the form on your computer and send it back to the given e-Mail address).

Or just contact us: info(at)mac-deutschland(dot)com