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Learning German - First steps



You have booked a German course and there you are on a Monday morning in Meersburg. Everything is new to you and also maybe a little bit frightening: the country, the location, the people and obviously the language.

If you have not been in school or college for many years, you might be worried about the challenge of this intensive teaching, and your ability to cope. To feel like a child again is not an easy situation. Don’t forget: a language is spoken by people and we, the trainers of the Meersburg Academy, are these people who will conduct you through the whole learning process including disappointments, difficulties, but also success and happiness.

We take you by the hand and guide you to your target: Communicate with people in German. Let us assume you are a beginner: Well, the first thing you need is to exchange hellos, and not to learn complicated language structures.

Guten Tag, wie geht es Ihnen? Danke gut, und Ihnen?

Then you would like to know the other person’s name, where he or she comes from and what his or her job is. For this situation, you need words like

„Woher?, „Wie?“ „Was?“

Small conversations evolve from these first units and you happen to learn that you can speak in German in a formal and an informal way.

„Woher kommen Sie?“ or „Woher kommst du?“

This is not only a linguistic issue, but also a cultural one. And there you are in the middle of the German culture. And that is what a language is: communication, words, people and culture. And this is not boring at all. On the contrary: Communikation can work like a ping-pong game:

Möchten Sie eine Tasse Kaffee? Ja, gern!

Machen wir jetzt Pause? Ja, gern!

You can use this „Ja, gern“ 20 times a day! It is very short and expresses exactly what you want to say.


Guten Appetit! Danke, gleichfalls!

Schönen Abend! Danke, gleichfalls!

Well, at some point of time you want to express yourself in a more challenging way. You will get there step by step with the tools we will give you so that you can speak with colleagues for instance:

“Wie war das Wochenende?“

The idea still remains that the language should help you understand the country and the people and therefore establish some communication with them. The German tuition builds the foundation for that purpose, but it isn’t real life. And you definitely need real life. That is why we go with you to restaurants or show you cultural highlights in the evenings (German architecture, art, vineyards etc.). After the course, you can put the words together to a language.---

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A sentence a day -What a good day!

You are in a meeting and want to say the following sentence in German. How would you translate it?

"Aren't we talking a bit at cross purposes?"

"Reden wir nicht etwas einander vorbei?" 

Our offer

Every week day you receive a sentence in English for a specific field like meetings, presentations, telefoning etc. On the next day you get the translation in German and can then check if your translation was correct. You can choose the field of activity and also the language (German into English or vice versa).

Our sentences are also ideal for companies that wish to give their colleagues a nice and useful language tool. It is a 5 minutes' training per day! We will be happy to make you an offer.

Price per month (1 to 500 persons)

Sentence English/German                              180 € per month

Sentence German/English                              180 € per month

We charge you once a month. There is no prescribed contract duration.


Please contact us:

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E-Mail: info(at)mac-deutschland.com