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Spanish immersion courses

Alt Penedes, Spain

Our partner school is situated in an exceptional neighbourhood. It is located outside of the beautiful city of Barcelona in the Alt-Penedés region of Catalonia. It offers the tranquillity of being surroundes by nature and the more cosmopolitan lifestyle of a big city.

Intensive Spanish course in Spain:

  • learn the Spanish language intensively
  • discover the Spanish economy and the Spanish culture
  • flexibel booking, also for a weekend
  • learn mit professional, multicultural trainers
  • stay at our beautiful country house
  • enjoy the Spanish home-made cuisine and speak Spanish during the meals
  • discover the beautiful landscape of Catalonia

If you have little time we invite you to book on a daily basis or a weekend course. We will be happy to make you an offer.

Please find an overview of our course programs:

ProgrammeOne-to-one training
Self-studyingEntertainment (meals)
Intensive Spanish immersion course “made to order” 5 hrs. / day3 hrs. / day2 hrs. / day
Very intensive Spanish immersion course “made to order” 6 hrs. / day3 hrs. / day2 hrs. / day
Superintensive Spanish immersion course “made to order” 6 hrs. / day3 hrs. / day2 hrs. / day
Extraintensive Spanish immersion course “made to order” 7 hrs. / day3 hrs. / day2 hrs. / day

Have we piqued your interest?

Please submit your application to info@mac-deutschland.com