What distinguishes us:
High  quality standards

Customer-oriented & flexible

We take your wishes, needs and goals into account in terms of time and content.

Positive & quality-oriented

The whole team is looking forward to you, has fun working with you and gives you confidence.


You can communicate in German in just a few days in the areas that have priority for you: Present in German, make phone calls, write emails, maintain social contacts, experience everyday life, take part in a meeting, etc.

Professional & business-oriented

Our trainers have many years of experience in teaching the German language in numerous economic sectors (automotive, banking, pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, human resources, food, technology and machines etc.).

Culture oriented

You will experience Germany, German culture and the Germans on our daily excursions in the evening.


You will be amazed in every respect: the friendly welcome, the relaxed, relaxed atmosphere and the good cuisine.

Meersburg on Lake Constance

is one of the most attractive landscapes in Europe with many leisure activities.

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