English training

near Lake Constance

Contenido solo disponible en inglés y alemán.

Lake  Constance

If you are unable to receive an intensive English course from our partner in Ireland, we can offer you English training in the Lake Constance region.


The training can take place either on-site at your company or at our institute in Meersburg.

One-to-one lessons

Individual training is the core of our learning programs. In this way we can individually address your level and your language requirements. The one-to-one training helps you to further develop and improve your communication skills with customers or colleagues in English.

Group training

We offer group training within a company after checking the language levels and goals of the individual employees. We recommend groups with 4 employees so that each participant can participate intensively in the training.


Whether in individual or group training, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable in an English-speaking environment, that you have the confidence to express yourself in a relaxed manner. Your message then arrives at the conversation partner or colleague: Mission achieved!

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

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