We are German trainers at the Meersburg Academy

The head Claudie Wagner-Duprez works with a professional team of dedicated and experienced trainers.

Head of Mac Meersburg Dialogue Academy since January 2008

Studies and professional experience
University of Valenciennes with a degree in Foreign Language Sciences and Economics

Experience as an office manager, assistant to the management in industry (Berlin and Lake Constance), marketing director of a language school, lecturer for German as a foreign language

Stays abroad and foreign languages
- Different stages in life in France, England and Germany
- Communication in French (mother tongue), German, English and Spanish

Claudie Wagner-Duprez

- Management of intercultural competence training programs in multipe countries
- Many years of experience as a trainer for German as a foreign language

Focus: Individual training in the private sector (especially banks, car manufacturers & pharmaceutical companies) in the company or intensive courses outside with customers from all over the world, but also courses at universities and preparation for various certificates from the Goethe-Institut.

- Diploma in Geography / University of Frankfurt and Stuttgart
- Graduate planner / ETH Zurich
- Training as an intercultural trainer
- Longer stays abroad   
- Middle East (Oman and UAE), Maghreb, South Africa and Brussels

Christiane Föhr

- Trainer for german as a foreign language
- Lecturer at the language teaching institute of the University of Konstanz

Teaching experience for 20 years at universities, the Goethe Institute and as a trainer for individual courses in companies and international organizations (European Parliament in Brussels)


Diploma in sociology

Stays abroad

Long-term stays abroad in Australia, Japan and the USA

Claudia Kersten

- Lecturer for German as a foreign language (Spain, Berlin, Salem)
- Redakteurin für AFP und DPA

Studied tourism business and journalism in Heilbronn, Paris, Aberdeen and Berlin

Journalism traineeship at the German press agency dpa in Berlin, London and Hamburg

Journalistic stations: BBC Glasgow, press office Commonwealth Summit, taz, RTL, dpa-AFX Frankfurt

Interkulturelle Kompetenzen

Stays abroad in Great Britain (2 years), Spain (3 years), France (7

Bilingual in everyday life through marriage to Briton, bilingual upbringing of the children

Anette Le Riche


Many years of experience as a trainer for German as a foreign language

Group and individual lessons at the Humboldt Institute in Constance and at the
Private school "Sprachcaffe" in Düsseldorf


Master's degree with major in "Modern German Philology" and minor in "Linguistics and Media Studies"

Stays abroad

Trainer for German as a foreign language at the German-Peruvian cultural institute Acupari in Cusco, Peru

Edda Ziehm

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